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How it works

Simply give us a call and explain the problem. We'll quickly work out what's wrong and give you a price up front to fix it... and stick to it. Remember, if we can't solve the problem, you'll get your money back.

First we diagnose the problem for free, and explain the best way to fix the issue (without bamboozling you with technical jargon!)

Then give you a Pay Per Fix price for the particular problem (from just £15). We won't do anything else without your consent.

We'll get to work using our clever remote control technology that (with your permission) lets us see your desktop and fix the problem directly.

You can pick up some tips by watching what we're doing or put your feet up instead and we'll give you a call back when we're done.

For a something like removing a virus, it will usually take 30 to 60 minutes for us to fix it. If it's something we can't fix over the phone, our Local Service team can come and visit you instead.

Our Pay Per Fix service is great for one-off problems.

Perfect if you'd like a one problem fixed real fast! Our Pay Per Fix service is designed to quickly get to the bottom of a problem and from only £15.

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