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Meet PC Mate

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Our PC Mate software is packed with features to keep your computer purring. And it's absolutely free to download and use!

  • Our Speed Up tool clears your computer of digital junk and gets it working faster
  • The world's favourite free antivirus software, from AVG, keeps you safe
  • A free one-to-one help session with our tech support team to tackle any problems that PC Mate can't fix

Download PC Mate now

PC Mate works on Windows XP®, Windows Vista® and Windows 7®.

Complete protection just £3 a month

Upgrade to PC Best Mate and get all the security features in premium AVG Internet Security for just £3 per month.

PC Best Mate & AVG

Help with PC Mate

PC Mate is designed to be simple to install and use. But if you need help using any of it, just get in touch.


  • Speed Up runs regular clean-ups, to keep your PC running smoothly
  • Virus Squish protects your PC from harmful viruses
  • Sign up for free tech help, live on the phone, from our experts
  • Get Connected helps you hop onto Wi-Fi hotspots