PC acting up, Printer firing blanks. Smartphone dumbstruck?

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What we can fix

From tackling that tricky new printer to removing viruses and spyware from your PC, and pretty much everything in between.

Virgin Digital Help | We can fix Laptops

PC & Laptop Problems

  • Speed up and optimise your slow computer
  • Stop computer & software crashing
  • Remove a virus or spyware
  • Problems with Windows setup or upgrading
  • Security software installations
  • New PC set up and Microsoft Office troubleshooting
  • Fix Windows problems & boot up errors
  • Media Centre Setup (Home Entertainment)
Virgin Digital Help | We can fix Printer and connected devices

Printers, Cameras and other Connected Devices

  • Setup wired & wireless printers
  • Troubleshoot printing problems
  • Camera connections and transfers
  • File and Print Sharing (Network sharing of devices)
  • External storage setup (HDD)
Virgin Digital Help | We can fix Smartphones

Smartphones and Tablets

  • Collecting emails
  • Browsing the internet on mobile devices
  • Email synchronisation with PC
  • Email setup on iPhone, Blackberry, Windows mobile
  • Mobile App installations
Virgin Digital Help | We can fix your Internet & Networking

Internet, Networking and WIFI

  • Setting up home networking between devices
  • Wired and wireless (router) internet setup
  • Internet speed booster
  • Troubleshooting internet connectivity issues
Virgin Digital Help | We can fix Email

Email Problems

  • Setting up email in Microsoft Outlook
  • Troubleshoot email sending and receiving issues
  • Import & export emails between PCs
  • Setting up Email Security (controlling spam)
Virgin Digital Help | We can fix all kinds of Digital Stuff

Other Digital Stuff

  • Setting up Game consoles (XBOX, Playstation and Wii)
  • Problems with MP3 players and iPods
  • Setting up online games on PCs and games consoles
  • Extended setup and TVs and home entertainment devices

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