PC acting up, Printer firing blanks. Smartphone dumbstruck?

Don't Get Mad. Get Help... Virgin Digital Help!

Independent, expert help for your computer, gadgets and technical stuff

We're not just for Virgin customers, we're for everyone.

The fact is that lots of us don't really know what to do or where to go when our technology goes wrong.

Relax, we're here to help... We can either help you to sort it yourself, or be a friend you can call on for expert advice and support any time - any day so you can spend less time frustrated and more time enjoying life.

We guarantee you Virgin service values.

That means expert, friendly and honest customer service.

If we need to charge you for a fix, we'll diagnose the problem, quote you a price and go ahead only after you agree.

Plus, if for some improbable reason the fix doesn't work you'll get your money back.

- No Questions Asked.

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more time twittering.

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